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Summary of the past doujin CDs I uploaded (download links available!)

So, I've been thinking. For like 5 minutes after my second post (haha).

Yes, in fact, I did post other dl links in other random comments I posted! And I think that post where I commented the dl links is deleted because of me now... I'm so sorry. OTL

In conclusion, this post is going to put the dl links for the previous doujin CDs I've uploaded so far!

*Please take note that only the links mentioned in THIS POST doesn't contain any password. The future posts will always be pw-locked.


送り狼にご用心! / Okuri Ookami ni Gochuui!
(Beware of the gentleman taking you home!)

Circle: Love&Desire
CV: 日野 あたる (Hino Ataru)

This work is for girls who likes:
- action (sexytime <3) over storyline
- the partner to talk dirty with you
- the gentle partner's sudden change of attitude when action starts

Storyline: After drinking too much with a gentleman who you met for the first time, he decides that he'd like to have some more quality time with you...

ドキドキ!シュガー&スパイス / Dokidoki! sugar & spice
(Thump! Sugar & Spice)

Circle: Love&Desire
CV: 日野 あたる (Hino Ataru)

Second volume of the circle Love&Desire! CD puts you in a situation where you have a lovey-dovey time with your soon-to-be-husband lover / roommate! 

This work is for girls who likes:
- action, yes, but also good storyline!!
- your lover to be M (masochistic), but also a little S (sadistic)!
- playing around (<3) in a bathroom

ラブラドッグ! ver.ミニチュアダックスフント / Lovela Dog! ver. Miniature dachshund

(Lovely Dog! ver. Miniature Dachshund)

Circle: ハートビープス (Heart Beeps)
CV: 優介 (Yuuske)

First series of the LovelaDog! 
One day, all of a sudden, your pet dog suddenly does things to you (set as male) out of love!
A strange story about you and your spoiled and cute puppy, Soutaro.

This CD does not include water SE, but the SE of moving bed cover is used.

妄souダーリン★ vol.1 私の彼はオラオラ系 / Mousou Darling★ Vol.1 Watashi no Kare wa Oraorakeh
(Delusional Darling★ vol.1 My boyfriend is a tough lover)

Circle: Love Egoist 2 (Homepage)
CV: 早坂ユキオ (Hayasaka Yukio)

A CD made to help you expand your delusions to a greater extent! 
The 2 parts are separated by the accent your lover uses (standard & Kansai accent) along with the 3D sound.
Help yourself to be loved by a medium-low voice.

妄souダーリン★ vol.2 年下チャラ男は会社の後輩 / Mousou Darling★ vol.2 Toshishita Chara-oh wa kaisha no kouhai
(Delusional Darling★ vol.2 The junior you know at your workplace is a young playboy)

Circle: Love Egoist 2 (Homepage)
CV: 日野 あたる (Hino Ataru)

Yet another work by Love Egoist 2 to stretch out your secret delusions! 
You just might faint from being spoiled and toyed with by your sweet lover.
Kissing sound, sounds heard during sexytime...all of them upgraded to another level!
Enjoy the H techniques performed by the playboy <3

復讐-歪んだ感情- / Fukushu -Yuganda Kanjou-
(Revenge -Twisted Emotions-)

Circle: K2

First work of the year 2013.
Confession... an act of courage.
Trampled emotions; his anger gives birth to another personality.
Unstoppable feelings, stabbing words...
Time cannot be restored, and love slowly transforms into hate.
A revenge named as 'insult'
Will it be possible to turn fear into pleasure?

This CD is more people who enjoys:
- to be blackmailed (forced) to do something
- verbal sexual harassment
- SM (Slave & Master) relationship
- low toned voice

Sなご主人さまにめちゃくちゃに愛されちゃう催眠 / S na goshujin-sama ni mechakucha ni aisarechau saimin

( Hypnosis about being loved hardcore by your sadistic master)

Circle: HypnoLife
CV: Zero

Theme of the CD:
- the lover is a tsundere (although he bullies you, he still shows that he loves you)
- hypnosis; the realistic sexytime

東京ボイス ~親友の彼氏に愛されて~ / Tokyo Voice ~Shinyuu no kareshi ni aisarete~

(Tokyo Voice ~loved by your best friend's boyfriend~)

Circle: ClubRio
CV: Unknown

A love story found in the city of Tokyo.
Can you accept the strong emotions of your best friend's lover?

You, your friend, and her lover have been friends ever since you were kids.
By pure chance, you are reunited with him and her in the streets of Tokyo.
Reunion between friends doesn't last long, for you have always been in his mind.
Thus, the meeting lets his emotions loose...
The future of you and him will eventually lead to...

弟系ショタ催眠 / Otouto-keh shota Saimin

(Hypnosis about having a adorable little brother?)

Circle: None. It's an amateur work based on scenario written by kotoha! (kotoha's blog)
CV: Zero

Sorry, I don't know the storyline of this...
Didn't listen to it; and since it isn't officially published, the story most likely can't be found. (´・ω・`)

彼氏は何かを隠してる。~戸田柚木也編~ / Kare wa nanika wo kakushiteru. ~ Toda Yukiya Hen~

(My boyfriend is hiding something. ~ Side: Toda Yukiya~)

Circle: ディスコ・ザ・マニアック (Homepage)
CV: 黒兵衛 (Kurobe)

This CD is for people who likes:
- to be driven into a corner (verbally, in a sexual way)
- normal sexytime (no strong M or S)
- hardcore dirty talking during the action

* BGM is not used, and there are no threatening words used during the action.

あこがれの先輩に告白したら言葉攻めで気持ちよくされちゃったボイス / Akogareno senpai ni gokuhaku shitara kotobazemede kimochi yoku narechatta voice

(When I confessed to my senior at the office I've looked up to, he made me feel pleasure by dirty talking to me)

Circle: Formicary
CV: 日野 あたる (Hino Ataru)

Do you like having sexytime in places where you just might be seen by others?
When you confessed to your office senior (who looks delicious in a suit), the situation takes a surprising turn.
A work perfect for M girls who likes to be talked real dirty.
...would you like to feel pleasure at your workplace in the middle of the night...?


Aaaaaaaand, that's it! Wow, that took like 10 times longer than I originally expected...
Hope it helped some of you who didn't know about these previous uploads!

Oh, and by the way, I ONLY DEAL WITH DOUJIN CDs.
Please do me a favor by not requesting me for official nmcd...

There are INCREDIBLE blogs for those! Here you go:

P.S. - hey guys, as you can see I wrote a LOT. And I was wondering if you'd like me to continue writing translated information about each CD? If you think that it's just in the way of the dl link, please let me know. I'll just make it short and sweet next time!


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for your uploads! ^-^
    I was wondering if I could request Boy Domination Triple Pack! Intelli Pack?
    (It's BL but the seiyuus are pretty good -///-)
    Thank you very much! :>

    1. thank you for checking this blog out! :)
      your request WILL be noted, and I'll try to get my hands on that product soon enough <3

  2. Wow thanks for your post about this CD > <
    it's hard to find it and I kinda love your blog right now lol
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    1. sorry for a late reply (assuming you wanted one teehee)
      thanks for visiting the blog too!
      I tend to translate the descriptions myself so I'm glad it was helpful <3
      please look forward to my future posts :)))

  3. Thank you for sharing those CD!!!!!!
    I'm also a stalker for Selena Lie and Kurarisu blogs ^^b
    I found a blog that shares some delicious doujin CD too. Maybe you can exchange with her too if you want ^^ You know, to make your collections even bigger.
    here -->
    It's hard to find doujin CD and not everyone can purchase them T__T
    So I really appreciate ALL otome out there who shared their collections!

    1. I found that godly blog myself too ;w; there really ARE angels out there <3
      I hope I can become as great as her one day (teehee)
      thank you for checking this blog out, too!!

  4. Can I ask for works from nekomaru

    These ones: ?

    You can choose from any, for your convenience~

    1. thank you for checking this blog out ;)
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      please look forward to my future postings <3

  5. heyaa! thanks for those cds and thanks for making this blog >w< you know i already knew you since your post on that blog and you were my and the others angel <3 glad that you back in business , the last time i saw you was when you post your 4shared link because that post got deleted lol thank you thank you thank you <3
    and anyway this is my first request lol :

    but you can choose any like the post above me said, since it's all look interesting but i just really curious about those twoo hehe XD and thanks again <3

    1. Hiiii :D thanks for the comment and detailed request <3
      Yes, I do own most of that series :) I'll upload them pretty soon!
      And just a teeny tiny bit of request from me :3 pweese?
      Next time you find a doujin CD you'd like to request, could you be kind enough to comment in my first post? That way it's easier for me to answer within a short period of time! ;)
      Thanks again for checking the blog out, hope to see you somewhere again <3<3

  6. Thanks so much I was looking for months Mousou Darling Im also fan of Airavalky and Bishie Craziness

  7. I found you from airavalky when the owner talked about DJ CDs.And I'm so happy to find a blog filled DJ CDs~
    Thank you for the work to share them :)

  8. Thank you very much! I think it's a good idea to provide a bit of detail on what each CD entails, if you have the time to do so. Some people are quite specific with their sexual tastes, after all. :) Western otome fans tend to not like rape much, so maybe at least a rape warning is in order. Not everyone is a complete, irredeemable pervert like me, hee hee. ;P

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